Credit: TOP SECRET, Volume 1  
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"It's like they are preying on our financial hardships like vultures prey on dying animals, and nobody knows it. Hell, I wouldn't have known it if I hadn't read this book."

Mario S., Georgia

"Credit: TOP SECRET" by Tim Carthon

Thanks for the secret info, 'cause it's sure not public info. You know those creditors wouldn't want people to find all of this out."

Roderick G., Michigan.

"Is that what the world has come to? Companies acting like they want to help you, but then hurting you more just to make a quick buck? It's a shame. I wish I had this book a long time ago."

Heather C., Michigan

"I never knew that half the stuff in this book that they do even existed. Is this stuff legal? It shouldn't be called credit counseling, it should be called credit con-ning. That's what it should be called."

Errick D., Ohio

"I can't believe that there are companies out there that deceive consumers that are in financial binds like this. This is crazy! Who in the world can we trust?"

Demetrice M., Ohio.

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"Credit: TOP SECRET" by Tim Carthon


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