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          Our Flagship "True-Wealth" Service provides a way for individuals to become personally, spiritually, and financially wealthy within 3 years . This is done at a reasonable cost using our unorthodox Wealth training methods that focus on the root of most financial problems: a person’s thought process. We focus on changing the thought process of ordinary individuals in order to achieve extraordinary personal, spiritual, and financial results.  Premier Budgeting International's 5-year development came to a head with its Official Founding in March, 2003.  Based in Ohio, the Firm's flagship True-Wealth Service creates a Revolutionary, Detailed, Individualized, and Customized Wealth Map for each person and/or household to specifically follow straight to True-Wealth, while simultaneously educating you financially in order to H.E.L.P. secure your spiritual, personal, and financial happiness.


            Our Credit Education Service teaches our Clients how to prevent future financial and credit mistakes by teaching them the creditors' credit secrets through our Credit: TOP SECRET training sessions. With the most common incorrect information being tax liens, collection accounts, late payments, charge-offs, defaulted student loans, foreclosures, bankruptcies, and judgment liens, our Credit Restoration Service then rewards Clients for their completion of the Credit: TOP SECRET training session by teaching them how to remove any erroneous, inaccurate, and obsolete information from their Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian credit reports, America's three major credit reporting agencies, FOR FREE!

            Premier Budgeting International hosts Wealth, Budgeting, and Credit Workshops and Seminars for profit and non-profit corporations, government offices, and schools (high-schools and colleges). Our sessions show the correlation between wealth, budgeting, and credit and how they affect each other and the individuals trying to control them. Our Workshops and Seminars have two primary goals...
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            A Premier Budgeting International Corporate Account is a FREE ACCOUNT set up for non-profit and for-profit corporations and is designed specifically for Employee Servicing.  Corporate Accounts instantly allow for Special Employee Discounts on top of existing customer discounts for all PBI Products and Services.

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            Credit: TOP SECRET is the Book Series that was formulated in order to educate individuals on monetary budgeting and underlying, secret creditor financial (credit reporting) subject matters, and information that will definitely affect their households. This information was gathered, by its Author, from years of direct experience dealing successfully and unsuccessfully with creditors. This Book series focuses on Secret information and credit strategies that creditors don't want consumers to know, such as how to "use the credit system" and make it work just right for you, the consumer, Advanced Credit Usage Consulting, the "Credit Scoring System" and how creditors view it, along with secret information and strategies about credit counseling companies that credit counselors definitely will not tell consumers, and much, much more.

"Credit: TOP SECRET" by Tim Carthon
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