PBI President Makes a "Unique" Arts-Education Connection

CLEVELAND, OH - November 09, 2009 - Premier Budgeting InternationalT announces that Tim Carthon, PBI President and Multi-Award-Winning Step Show Choreographer, is in negotiations regarding an upcoming USA-UK joint arts-education project for children entitled, "Stepping With the UK Youth." 

          This project will physically introduce the African-boot-dance-oriented art form, currently known as "stepping", to the United Kingdom.  Mr. Carthon will be training hand-picked students, based on academics and other criteria, to be taught by him, in person, many generally unknown aspects of Greek fraternity and sorority stepping.

         "Stepping is something that was created by members of Greek-lettered organizations here in America.  From what I was told, there are no Greek-lettered organizations in the UK, so stepping is not something that is commonly practiced there, if practiced at all," said Mr. Carthon, "So, if an art form is going to be introduced to a society, I feel that it should be introduced by a master of that art form."

          On the UK's side, Annika Reid, a producer at Radio Cardiff and PBI's new International Liaison, heads the USA-UK arts-education collaboration development.  "We are looking forward to receiving Mr Carthon in Wales (U.K) and having him introduce to us Stepping. This is something that to my knowledge has never been brought over to Wales and we are extremely excited as to the avenues that will be opened for many young children by teaching them through the medium of stepping," said Ms. Reid.

        She continued, "We not only give them the opportunity to learn a part of African American history, but we give ethnic minorities, and African British children an opportunity to embrace a part of history that has not yet been taught to them as it has somehow been lost in transition..Tim Carthon who is an an accomplished teacher and stepping master we believe will deliver and cater the latter to our children, breaking many barriers still present in Wales..."

          For "Stepping With the UK Youth" sponsorship or other information, Contact UK Kids or Annika Reid.


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