Premier Compositions to Head Band Camp for the World Renowned Scott H.S. "Fantastic Dancing Machine"


TOLEDO, OH - August 13, 2007 - Premier Budgeting International announced that its music consulting subsidiary, Premier Compositions , will be heading the Band Camp for the 2007-2008 Jesup W. Scott High School "Fantastic Dancing Machine" Marching Band. 

          Since the retiring of quarter-century Scott High School Band Director Edward Dixon, the leaders of Scott High School of Arts and Media have been searching for a director to continue the band's legacy of show-stopping, jaw-dropping field shows and performances. That search ended at new director Joshua Reed, a graduate of the University of Toledo.  Premier Compositions Chief Music Consultant Tim Carthon, a 9-year Scott High School Band Camp Clinician, under the direct request of retired Director DIxon, offered the services of the Premier Compositions Music Consulting to relieve a great amount of the rising pressure of finding a replacement director and making a smooth transition into the upcoming Band season. The Scott High School Band President India Jackson was, needless to say, excited, " We can't wait for Mr. Carthon to get here ," she told Mr. Dixon's son, Errick Dixon, former Scott High School Assistant Band Director.

          Premier Compositions will be in charge of the 2-week band camp; responsible for arranging the music, writing the drill(s), choreographing the Flag and Pom Squad routines, and creating the field show for the August 25, 2007 Inaugural Season Home Game. New Director Reed will be in new teacher orientation and training during the band camp period and will begin his tenure by leading the Fantastic Dancing Machine to the field at their first game.


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