PBI Consulting Firm Announces the Opening of its New Music Department for Public and Private Music Consulting


PONTIAC, MI - June 14, 2006 - Premier Budgeting International announces the opening of their new Music Consulting Department.  This new Consulting department features Private Instrumental Instruction for aspiring piano, lower brass, and woodwind students, along with the highly anticipated Premier Compositions.  The Premier Compositions portion of the music department "tailor-makes" one-of-a-kind, creatively-unorthodox marching, concert, and symphonic band, solo, vocal, and orchestral musical compositions and arrangements. 

          The new Music department will be headed by three long-time music educators: Tim Carthon, a principle clarinetist, choreographer, Author, music composer and arranger, and currently President of PBI Consulting Firm, Errick Dixon, a principle sousaphonist, music composer and arranger and currently the Assistant Band Director at Central State University of Ohio, and Corey J. Turner, a principle pianist, music arranger, and Master of Education and Allied Professions.  "I want to share the joy of music with other people, " Mr. Turner said, "Teaching music is an outlet for me to inspire students to excel in all their endeavors. It is an opportunity for me to encourage students to have faith in themselves, to study diligently, and to become well-rounded students."

          PBI's new Music Consulting Department services are available to Individuals, High Schools, and Universities, per a Client's specific request, and at Best-in-the-Market prices.

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          Premier Budgeting International is a Revolutionary Full-Service Consulting Firm offering consulting in wealth, budgeting, credit education and restoration, real-estate, entrepreneurship, finance, and music education. Premier Budgeting International provides a way for individuals to become financially, mentally, and physically stable at a reasonable cost through unorthodox training methods that focus on changing the thought process of ordinary individuals in order to achieve extraordinary physical, mental, and financial results. 

          Premier Budgeting International's 5-year development came to a head with its Official Founding in March, 2003. Operating mainly in the Ohio area, the Firm's flagship True-Wealth Services create a Revolutionary, Detailed, Individualized, and Customized Wealth Map for each person and/or household to specifically follow straight to wealth, while simultaneously financially educating them in order to H.E.L.P. secure their positive mental, physical, and financial futures.

          Also offering Credit Education, Loan Servicing, and Credit Secrets, this Firm is based on caring, integrity, a very good moral foundation, and the belief in helping others as much as possible without compromising the stability of the Firm. Premier Budgeting International is a privately held company headquartered in Ohio. For more information visit www.premierbudgeting.com or Call (248) 408-4725.


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