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* Carthon: Project X *
The Countdown Has Begun!

Carthon: "Project X" is a unique performing-arts-and-academic-achievement program designed specifically to foster " education through unity " amongst our youth. This is done by using the direct example of different college undergraduate and graduate Greek-letter organization members, which our youth so greatly admire.


Our continuing goal is to raise university Greek-letter organization members' status and standards so high so as to be able to use them to help lure our youth away from the streets of darkness and point them to the bright lights of higher education . However, to do this effectively , we need the help of you and the entire American educators and education system. Please take 2 short, yet very important, minutes of your time and Email Us the following:

•  Your First and Last Name
•  The name of all degrees you've earned, if applicable ( i.e., B.S. in Music Ed., etc.)
•  What current position you hold at your school/job
•  Where you work, in what City, and State
•  Any Greek organizations of which you are a member
•  Also, email the words " Carthon: 'Project X' has my full educational support."

Here is an example of what we need from you:

Tim Carthon, BSMUE, President

Premier Budgeting International

Cleveland , OH

Kappa Kappa Psi N.H.B. Fraternity, Inc.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Order of Free and Accepted Masons

"Carthon: 'Project X' has my full educational support."


After which, your name will be put on our long list of educational youth-project supporters. Our goal is a minimum of 100 schools and 10,000 educators and supporters. This, in turn, will greatly assist us in securing (from potential corporate and community sponsors) the funding needed for this youth project's national launch, currently set for Summer, 2010.

The countdown has begun, but there is still time to find out before the "lock-out" comes into affect. A Carthon: "Project X" representative can meet with you privately. Just Contact Us and inquire about setting up a private "unveiling" conference call or in-person meeting.

and help us gather even more support for this national youth initiative.

  • NOTE: If you wish to be an intricate part of Carthon: "Project X", simply print the Confidentiality Agreement above, sign and have it notarized, and email it back to us @ the email address listed on the document.  Afterwhich, you will be contacted and a conference call or in-person meeting will be setup with you and a Project X representative.  **If you have any questions, simply Contact Us.


Countdown till the 2010 nationwide launch!

"...On this day, let no one say that you were not given the chance to be part of that which your ancestors have so awakenly dreamed...greatness." - Tim Carthon.

Will you be there?

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