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Premier Budgeting InternationalT, the Expert in Individual Wealth Consulting, is a revolutionary full-service consulting firm which provides a way for individuals to become financially stable at a reasonable cost and without having loss of dignity or loss of control of their hard earned monies through Bankruptcy or Credit Counseling Companies. The company's flagship "True-Wealth" Service creates a Revolutionary, Detailed, Individualized, and Customized Wealth Services Packet for each person and/or household to specifically follow, while simultaneously financially educating them, in order to guide each Client directly to Wealth within 3 years. We also offer "unorthodox" Budget and Credit Consulting, Workshop, and Seminar training sessions.
Our Vision
Premier Budgeting International's mission is to help individuals and/or households to gain spiritual (non-religious and religious), personal, and financial stability by training individuals to "think outside of the financial box" by specifically tracking and paying their household expenses while saving money, improving their credit scores, and lowering their debt-to-pay ratios using our Revolutionary True-Wealth Services and the Master Budgeting Method, the latter's development of which began in February, 1998.
Our services provide our Clients with cost effective Wealth-Generating Methods that are comprehensive and effortless. As a provider of everyday household wealth, budgeting, and credit solutions, we take the time-consuming headache pressure off of client bi-weekly and monthly bill payments with our masterful understanding of the needs of our clients and bill payers overall.  As a provider of Wealth Services, Financial, Budgeting, and Credit Workshops and Seminars, our service replaces the monthly stresses of calculating and distributing monies for Home Bill Payments for a 52-week period each term.  Financial decisions can have long-term positive or negative effects on an individual's personal and/or public life. Our High-Class Corporation demonstrates expertise in financial, wealth, and credit matters for all people who have a need for either of our services. We have a strong reputation for providing aggressive representation and excellent responses with our other products and services.  Our professional staff provides helpful and caring service with unwavering and unparalleled commitment to our Clients.
Current Investors
Premier Budgeting InternationalT is currently accepting investors of several different types , preferably individual investors. We are not interested in funding from firms such as Venture Capitalist because we believe they will not allow us to stay within the confines of our long-term strategy of H.E.L.P. for every individual or household that reaches out to us.
Target Markets
Premier Budgeting InternationalT provides services to individual households and employees for companies in which their employees average between low and high-middle-class income. This includes, but is not limited to, Healthcare Facilities, Independent/Private Business Owners, Industrial Factories, Government Facilities, Real-estate companies, Mortgage Brokers, Tax and Accounting Professionals. Our Workshops cater to several different groups of people, mainly Historically Black College/University Students, Working-class citizens, and Corporations.
Target Users
Premier Budgeting InternationalT targets, but is not limited to, a clientele with an immediate and possibly future need for financial relief. These individuals include low to middle-income families, laid-off employees, bankruptcy victims, potential and current college students, the elderly community, and single parent homes. It also includes individuals who may be seeking ways to save money in order to start a new business venture, individuals who have more than enough money to pay their home bills, but just need to thoroughly keep track of their weekly and monthly expenditures due to excessive overspending of leftover funds, or individuals who may believe that it is just not possible for them to become financial stable or disciplined.

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